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Uncapped Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet allows even the most remote and rural areas to get access to the internet. All our subscriptions are asymmetrical uncapped connections, with a fair use policy. This is a non-invasive solution that can be deployed almost anywhere.

Coverage Almost Anywhere

With just over 98% coverage over South Africa, we offer one of the most guaranteed feasibility solutions available. We also have international coverage with the possibility of getting connected outside of South Africa. You can confirm coverage of your location here.

Free Installation & Equipment

We offer Free Installation* & Free Equipment* to all our subscribers. With certain terms & conditions, this is one of the most affordable solutions available. In some cases installation costs, etc. may apply, depending on the feasibility & requirement. While stocks last.


We are a connectivity solutions provider, with our main focus being remote & rural areas such as farms, mines, lodges, and more.... We provide connectivity where conventional internet infrastructure does not yet exist.


We pride ourselves in offering our solutions at the lowest possible price. We believe that focusing on solutions, not price, we will eventually reap the benefits.


Our Satellite connectivity is one of the most stable in South Africa, with the widest area of coverage of up to 98% national coverage. Our coverage also spans outside of South Africa.


Our standard installations are non-invasive, with a single cable running from the modem to the satellite dish. The dish can be mounted practically anywhere, to be as out of sight as possible.


We have a vast range of additional services available, which can be added on to your satellite connection or subscribed to separately.

Web Hosting & Development

We offer professional hosting services, from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Our hosting options include web, domains, email and dedicated VPS hosting.

Surveillance Systems

With over 10 years experience in the industry, we offer solutions from home, business, enterprise, farms, remote locations & perimeter surveillance.

Graphic Design Services

We have a team of designers ready to design your next logo, advert, brochures, corporate clothing or complete branding solutions tailored to your requirements.

Network Design & Management

We can design, redo, deploy and maintain/manage your local, enterprise, VPN or wireless network. Our deployments also include long range surveillance & IOT networks.